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AJ-OFW Consultancy does business with international companies engaged in large-scale development of oil, gas and petroleum products by providing Clients with In-Country support services, sourcing manpower needs and managing some aspects of projects.

Due to the company’s competence and professionalism, AJ-OFW secured contracts from multi-national corporations like Fircroft Australia, Fircroft Malaysia, and Anotech Energy in the United Kingdom. The support services given by AJ-OFW are integral to the completion of oil and gas explorations such as LNG  in Australia and Russia and an oil refinery in Malaysia.

Powered by the drive to excel, AJ-OFW is continuously building its capabilities and expertise as it sees itself, in the near future, as one of the leading off-shore and on-shore service providers for foreign and domestic businesses.

To date, AJ-OFW CONSULTANCY, INC. continued to undertake measures to improve its reliability and beneficial services towards thriving success.



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